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What Is The Difference Between The SRS And The West Coast Ragtime Society?

The WCRS is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation whose purpose is to promote ragtime through an annual festival, concerts, and other activities. Membership in the WCRS requires payment of annual membership dues. The WCRS membership meets annually to elect Board Members and conduct other business. The WCRS Board of Directors meets during the year to conduct the affairs of the corporation.

The WCRS hosts the prestigious West Coast Ragtime Festival held each November in Sacramento, CA, usually the weekend before Thanksgiving.  For complete details about this three day Festival, please visit the West Coast Ragtime Society's web site.

Some people get confused between the SRS and the WCRS and believe they are the same organization. Although the two societies have many members in common, they operate as separate entities.  A subscription to the SRS Newsletter does not convey membership in the WCRS and membership in the WCRS does not provide a subscription to the SRS Newsletter.

The SRS is unincorporated and exists for the purpose of having monthly sessions to promote ragtime in the Sacramento and the Northern California area, plus host the Ragtime Corners each May. The SRS has no formal membership but does provide a newsletter for an annual $16 subscription.

The WCRS was formed in the 1980s in Fresno, California and moved to Sacramento in 1997.  Although there was discussion at that time of merging, each group decided to continue with their own identities.