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Ragtime Basics

Ragtime 101 What is ragtime? Well. to answer that we invite you to click here which will take you to the American Ragtime Company's site for an excellent short tutorial on ragtime with actual samples that you can listen to. This tutorial was created by Tracy Doyle of the American Ragtime Company and the Maple Leaf Club.

Ragtime 201 Or click here to go to John Roache's page for another tutorial. John demonstrates how to rag Mary Had A Little Lamb, and follows this up with examples of Stride Piano and Novelty Piano.

Advanced Ragtime Ready to move on? For a deeper exposure to ragtime, visit the “Perfessor” Bill Edwards' site.

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What Is Ragtime Discusses ragtime definition, syncopation, format of a rag, phrasing, and ragtime styles. 
Playing Ragtime Gives tips for learning and performing ragtime.
Composing Ragtime This is an essay on composing ragtime.
Tempos And Pedaling Discusses tempo and pedaling in ragtime performance.

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